Tribe Poster Creation

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SWBAT work in groups or "tribes" to conduct a research project. Students will create a poster as a visual for their presentation. They will also plan out a presentation to share the information they have learned about their tribe with the rest of the class.

Big Idea

The students are conducting a small research project for our Native American unit. Today they will be creating a poster as a visual for their group or "tribe" presentations.


What Information Would a Good Poster Contain?

15 minutes

For this unit, we are working on a small research project.  I have assigned each of the tables in my classroom to become a "tribe."  Their job is to research that tribe and put together a presentation for the class about their tribe.  Today the tribes will be creating a poster as a visual for their presentation.  To start the lesson out, we will discuss as a class some of the important things that their poster should contain.  I love for the students to be part of deciding "what it important."  They feel more ownership that way as opposed to me just telling them what I want included.  Of course if I feel they don't hit on something that is important to be included, I will add an idea or two as a suggestion.  But this was, we are coming together as a group and deciding as a group what is important.  The kids have much more "buy in" when they are included in the process.

Some of the things that I hope they touch on include the name of the tribe (in big bold letters), where in Utah the tribe was found, what kind of homes they built for shelter, what they ate, what they wore, and any other interesting facts about the tribe.  

Tribe Poster Creation

30 minutes

After discussing what is important to include on the poster, I will let the groups plan out and create their posters which they will use for their group presentations in the coming days. Tomorrow the group tribes will be working on a traditional tale from the tribe that they will retell as part of the presentation.  The next day the students will have time to put the whole presentation together.  They will plan out the tale, presentation of facts with the poster, who is going to tell about which things, etc.  I will make sure the students understand the timeline so that they can use their time wisely.