Tribe Online Research

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SWBAT work in groups or "tribes" to conduct a research project. Today students will use the iPads to further the research on their tribe.

Big Idea

Our small group Native American tribes will continue their research today. They will be using the iPads to further their research on their Native American tribe of Utah.


Where to Look Online

15 minutes

Yesterday our groups or "tribes" began their research project by reading about and discussing their tribe.  Today the tribes will further their research by using the iPads.

* Note:  I found out the hard way last year that if I gave them books from the library about their tribe and also the ipads at the same time to conduct their research, the books were almost completely ignored.  The books have some GREAT information that I didn't want ignored, so I split up the research this year.  

To being our online research, I would like to show the students some websites that have helpful information about Native American tribes in Utah.

Here are a few websites I will point out:

Site 1

Site 2

Site 3





Group Research

30 minutes

After showing the students some sites that contain great information on the Utah Native American tribes, I will allow the students time to research and explore.  The will each have an iPad for this project.  (We don't normally have that many iPads, but I borrowed some from another grade.)  

I will walk around assisting groups when necessary and making sure groups are on task.