Angles Pre-Assessement

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SWBAT demonstrate their understanding of angles and the application.

Big Idea

Students reflect on what they know about angles.


35 minutes

Because I want to maximize the time students have to work on the pre-assessment, this lesson does not begin with a POD.

The pre-assessment is important because it demonstrates what my students already know about angles. Namely, it should reveal whether they understand how to form triangles inside a polygon, how to find the sum of the angles inside a triangle, and what degrees are. If students already have a solid foundation, then they do not need to spend time learning the vocabulary. If students are working from a blank slate, then I know where to begin and where to offer support for my students to scaffold their learning.


5 minutes

I give students the entire class period to work on the pre-assessment.

If students finish early, I ask them to write a story using the vocabulary words acute, obtuse, right, supplementary, complementary, and vertical. I want them to think about the possible meanings of the terms and the real-world applications of those terms.