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SWBAT analyze how the setting impacts the protagonist and assists in the development of him as a dynamic character.

Big Idea

How does setting assist in determining if "Home is where the heart is"?

Connotation of "Home"

10 minutes

As a whole class, we discussed the word "connotation."  Students then brainstormed the connotation of the word "home" in the cliche: "Home is where the heart is."   They listed words such as: warmth, security, safety, happiness, etc.



Setting - Whole Class

10 minutes

So far in the novel, Tangerine by Edward Bloor , we have seen two settings. The first is Houston - as a class we brainstormed the connotation of home to Paul in Houston.  We decided it was not a very happy place because he speaks of leaving the "zombies" locked in side the house the family is leaving behind.

Together we completed the setting chart for Houston, including the connotation, textual support, and the influence that this home had upon Paul

Setting - Small Groups

15 minutes

In small groups, students discuss the move to Lake Windsor Downs in Florida.  There was discussion of the connotation of this new home in relation to Paul.  They included textual evidence and inferred how this new home will impact his life.

In the group discussions, students also made personal connections about their own experiences when moving - was the new community what they expected or a disappointment; how they made friends and found acceptance.  These were issues that Paul faced in the novel.


10 minutes

Students wrote a prediction about whether Paul's new home will continue to be a "safe" or secure place for him.  What makes you think this way?