Unit Assessment

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SWBAT use essential attributes to sort a set of objects. SWBAT describe and compare the number of "votes" in each category and interpret what the data tells you about the group.

Big Idea

Survey says? That is the question today, as students work on three different tasks to assess the how they are doing with the skills from the current unit.

Warm Up

5 minutes

Introducing Coins: I want to start introducing the names of coins, their value, and have the students determine the amount of coins that are being displayed on the document camera.  I will not be focusing on the total value at this time.

I will use the document camera and display 2 pennies and 2 nickels.  I will discuss the quantity and type of coins  with the class.  I will ask questions that will focus on identifying each coin and the total number of coins.  

"Which coin is the penny?  What is the name of this coin (point to the nickel)?  How many nickels are there?"

If there is time, repeat with 2 dimes and 2 quarters.


Venn Diagram

10 minutes

Before I start the assessment tasks, I want to introduce how to use a Venn Diagram to represent a set of data.  This is meant as an introduction and 1st graders will look for mastery with Venn Diagrams in 2nd grade.

Advanced Preparation:  You will want to create a Venn Diagram that has a question that you can ask your class.  I am going to use the question, "Is your hair light or dark?"

I will record each student's response in the appropriate circle or in the overlap of the circles.  Once the survey is completed, I will have a quick discussion about the results.  I will use some or all of the following questions to guide the discussion:

  • What did you learn about our class?
  • How many people have light hair? 
  • How many have dark hair?
  • How many have both?
  • How many people answered the survey?
  • What is an equation that can represent the data from this survey?

There is a video and a picture of the diagram in the resource section.  The video captures a student having to wrote an equation for the Venn Diagram results.  This is a great opportunity to connect their work from the Three Addend game they have been playing to writing an equation with three addends.  

 Mathematically proficient students can explain graphs or draw diagrams of important features and relationships, graph data, and search for regularity or trends.  In this case, the students are creating the representation, interpreting the data, and answering question by using information from the interpretation (CCSS.Math.Practice.MP1)

Assessment Tasks

40 minutes

*Note: These three assessment tasks come from the Investigations First Grade math Program.  If you don't have permission to print these tasks, then you should create your own tasks that focus not here skills.  

"You are going to work on three different tasks today.  I will go over the first one with you and then have you get to work.  When you finish, you can bring it to me and then I will go over the 2nd task with you (and then the same for the third)." 

Task 1:  Guess My Rule With Buttons.  The students look at the buttons and create a rule that fit some of the buttons.  Then the students draw a box around each button that fit the rule and write down their rule.


Task 2 & 3:  In these tasks, students examine two representations of two sets of data and then answer questions about the data.  You can read the questions for kids that might find that part of the assessment challenging.  Int here two tasks the students are looking at data, interpreting the results, and answering questions about the data (CCSS.Math.Content.1.MD.C.4).

The three tasks can be found in the resource section.

In these tasks, students are making sense of quantities and their relationships in problem situations.  They are demonstrating an ability to decontextualize—to abstract a given situation and represent it symbolically and manipulate the representing symbols as if they have a life of their own (CCSS.Math.Practice.MP2)

Continued Practice

10 minutes

As with most assessments, students will finish at different times.  I will ask the students to continue to work not heir doubles facts or the Three Addend Game that were introduced in previous lessons.

I will choose which task each student performs based on their need.  For those who have mastered their doubles facts, I will have them move to the Three Addend Game.

There is a video of each game being played in the resource section.