Nature's Fury: Summative Review

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SWBAT review all content taught within the unit Nature's Fury to prepare for a summative test.

Big Idea

We learned it once, but I need a refresher, let's get ready for game day tomorrow!

Cue Set

10 minutes

Since this is a review lesson, we focus on reviewing the most important knowledge & skills in our unit.  We integrated word study into much of our cloze reading and small groups.  We begin our lesson today by reviewing some of the most frequently occurring roots and their meaning.  

I display 2 pictures on my Smartboard.  One picture is of a structure being built with the root -struct underneath.  The other is a picture of something exploding with the root -rupt underneath.  I ask the scholars to look at the pictures and ask themselves, "based on the pictures, what does the root mean?"  Scholars have 2 minutes to think, 2 minutes to discuss, and then I take volunteers.  

Scholars have been exposed to words with these roots throughout the entire unit, they just need a refresher about their explicit definition to help them with some of the vocabulary questions on the summative assessment tomorrow.  

Guided Practice

80 minutes

This time is going to be SUPER exciting today, so I ham it up a TON!  I show scholars pictures from various countries that I visited around the world.  I ask scholars, "have you ever wanted to travel out of the country?  Well, today is your lucky day!"  I explain that we are going to visit 4 different countries today and in order to prove we visited the country we have a specific task in each country that we must accomplish.  Once we accomplish the task, we receive a stamp in our passport and are permitted to visit the next country.  Here are the passport templates if you want to make your own: Review PassportReview Passport pg 2.  

Basically scholars will rotate to 4 different stations and review 4 different reading skills that are crucial to the summative.  I try to ham it up and have some fun to make a boring review lesson a bit more engaging.  If scholars get all 4 stamps in their passports, they get a little surprise at the end.  (Usually I give a snack, extra PAWS or money on their paychecks).  

The four countries that scholars visit are: 

1. The Republic of Overall Text Structure -- The Republic of Overall Text Structure assignment

2. Great Inferencing -- Great Inferencing assignment

3. The United and Differing Perspectives -- United and Differing Perspectives assignment 

4. The VIC (Formerly Known as Vocabulary in Context): The VIC assignment


Scholars have 15 minutes to visit each country, and three minutes to get their passports stamped & transition between countries.  I break scholars into heterogeneous groups so that lower scholars can have a bit of support with the review.  I model behavioral expectations for transitions and visiting each country so that scholars know exactly what I envision and can be successful with the task.  Here's a sample transition between countries to see how to minimize transition time and maximize instructional time. 

My ELL co-teacher remains stationed at The Republic of Overall Text Structure (since this was the most challenging skill for all scholars).  I circulate between the other three offering support and on-the-spot feedback.  Two minutes before it is time to rotate, I circulate and begin to stamp passports.  The ELL co-teacher stamps the passports at her table.  When it is time to rotate, I give a whole-class clap, scholars put their hands on their heads and point to the next country which they will visit.  Then, they walk quickly and quietly to the next country and will begin.

After we all finish rotating, I make a BIG deal about all the hard work they've accomplished this quarter and about how proud I am of them.  It is important to pump scholars up at this point so they feel confident going in to the summative tomorrow.