Students' Demonstrate Understanding of Events in Black Boy: Chapter 2 Test

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SWBAT demonstrate understanding of events and themes in Chapter 2 by correctly answering questions on end of chapter test.

Big Idea

Do you want a way to help your students demonstrate their comprehension of the events in Chapter 2 of Black Boy?


10 minutes


I give students the key word, RICHARD, and ask them to write a detail or descriptor with which they are already familiar from what they know of his character as a young boy that starts with each of the letters of the key word.  The purpose of this to activate my students' prior knowledge before taking the Chapter 2 test.

We have a brief group share of the descriptors students wrote for the authors name as a young Richard.

Building Knowledge

15 minutes

I model answering the first question on the test buy using the Thinking Aloud self-questioning strategy by saying:

Okay, Richard enjoyed hearing the story of a man who loved and killed his seven wives. Being a young boy he was curious and intrigued with the violence and drama in the story. Granny on the other hand was very conservative with her thoughts about what a young boy should be hearing and reading.  She wanted what was good for him but called the book the "work of the devil."  I wonder why?  I wonder what will happen after she punishes him by hitting him...?"

I model answering the first test question versus using one that's not on the test because I want to increase their confidence in answering all the remainder of the questions.  giving them a "free" answer can have this positive effect on struggling learners.

I then explain that the page number after each question is where they will find the answer, RI.9-10.1, and that I expect them to re-read the pages so they can refresh their memory and answer the questions accurately.  I tell them that it's important to able to read silently for an extended period of time without being distracted or distracting others.


Student Learning Activity

40 minutes

Chapter 2 tests are passed out.  I encourage them to think before writing their answers,W.9-10.3e, and that I will be circulating around the room checking for understanding and supporting their ability to focus on finishing the test.  Even though there are only seven questions on this test, 40 minutes is necessary because it will take an average of 5 minutes a question for my students to find the evidence to answer each question correctly. 

I felt it important to assess what they understood from this chapter because it is filled with important dialogue and events in the developmental stages of his life. For example, Richard develops an early love of literature that he likens to religious fervor. The anger of Granny’s reaction to his listening to the story read to him suggests that, at some level, his Granny believes that Richard’s literary interests are a threat to her faith. Young Richard sees black soldiers with the black chain gang and uses these images to formulate some ideas about the country he lives in. 

Students begin reading the questions and finding the evidence to write clear and accurate answers.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

Wrap up

For the summarizing activity, I ask student volunteers to red their acrostics activator.  After taking the test,  I ask if they would add a descriptor or change one that they originally wrote for his name.