Researching and Writing Honor Codes

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SWBAT identify and use language appropriate for constructing an honor code. SWBAT craft honor codes that reflect what they value in the classroom experience.

Big Idea

Everyone is doing it...and by "it," I mean writing an honor code!

What is an honor code?

15 minutes

Today's lesson is conducted in the computer lab.  This is a lesson that follows a Modified Jigsaw lesson of cheating articles.

We have read some articles about cheating and we have developed some ideas of our own about the problem.  Today, we are going to do some research about honor codes.

Researching Honor Codes

I begin by asking a basic question: Who can tell me what an honor code is?

An honor code is…

Then, I direct the students to find a high school honor code. read it, and copy and paste it into a document.  I remind them to label it with the name of the school.

Once they have done that, I tell them to think of a college they might like to attend, one that one of their parents attended, or they can do my college: GMU.  I tell them to look up that college’s honor code and paste it into their documents.  I remind them to make sure they label it with the name of the institution.

As they are working, I am circulating, helping and troubleshooting.  I move on to the next section, once I am sure that everyone is in good shape.

"Collecting" Honor Codes

20 minutes

Now, the students are in charge of finding two more examples of high school honor codes and another college honor code.  They can stop when they have a total of five honor codes in their document.  Each should be labeled with the name of the institution from which they came.

Then, the students are directed to go through the honor codes and highlight the words and phrases that they think are most important.

Writing your own Honor Code

20 minutes

Now, after all of this research and thinking about key concepts in honor codes, the students are responsible for writing their own honor codes.  They may use the honor codes as inspiration, but they must write their own original statements.

I encourage students to make the important words larger, to use different fonts and effects to emphasize important ideas, and to give their honor code a title.

Homework is to write a brief explanation of their process, why they chose the words that they did, what was most important, and what was included/excluded from their honor code.