Modified Jigsaw: Cheating in School

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SWBAT identify and evaluate the claims put forth in nonfiction articles about the cheating "epidemic" in American's schools.

Big Idea

Cheaters never win...or do they? Let's check it out.

Poll Everywhere: Cheating Survey

5 minutes

To kick off this lesson, I have students take this poll on their phones and Ipods.  I can open this Poll Everywhere poll on my SmartBoard and watch the results roll in.

When the students finish, I ask them to evaluate and discuss the results.

Video: Cheating

10 minutes

After we have started thinking about the topic, we watch this short video.  This case (The Stuyvesant High School cheating scandal) is referenced in some of the readings that the students are doing today.

Modified Jigsaw Activity

45 minutes

Before the students came in, I set the classroom up into tables.  Each table is assigned a different reading.  The students are supposed to read the article and then collaborate to figure out the article's claims and the support for those claims.  

Each group has a piece of chart paper and a marker.  I give them 5 minutes to read and 10-15 minutes to discuss and put their answers on the chart paper.  

Then, we go around the room and the groups report on what they read.

Here is an Animoto: 



Exit Ticket

10 minutes

Finally, after all groups have reported, I ask the students to evaluate their assigned articles and to defend, challenge, or qualify the central claim(s) that the article makes.  They are allowed to bring in their own experiences and readings to support their arguments.