Demonstrating an Understanding of Black Boy by Using a Reader's Log (Day 2 of 2)

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SWBAT cite specific evidence from Chapter 2 in Black Boy and demonstrate understanding by writing responses to meaningful passages using a Reader’s Log.

Big Idea

In this chapter we see Richard develop an early love of literature and students analyze his emotional involvement.


10 minutes

This is day 2 of using the Readers Log and to help me adjust and monitor my teaching, I want to get feedback from my students regarding their experience with using the Reader's log.

In their journals, I ask students to write their experience with using the Reading Log and how they think it may benefit them?  This is a great activity to begin a lesson because it activates prior knowledge and creates a mind set for the reading.

Building Knowledge

20 minutes

The attached Readers Log is essentially the same as Day 1 with the exception of the example. I recommend reading logs because they help students see evidence of their reading. Since reading is an activity that is often too abstract for many struggling readers, the concrete proof of their success is  beneficial to their reading confidence and independence. Its use aligns with several standards including RI.9-10.1, and W.9-10.10

I pass out the Day 2 Reader's Log description and project a copy onto a screen as I read it aloud and students read it silently 'in their heads."

After a brief discussion of the expectations, I ask students to find the quote I used on page 41. I then ask them to think of a possible connection they may have with the passage I used.  After giving them a few minutes to think, I ask them to share the connection with a partner. To wrap up the thinking activity, I then ask a few students to share their connection with the class.  

If a student does not have a personal connection to the passage, I ask them to predict what may happen to Richard after saying what he said to his Granny.  

Student Learning Activity

35 minutes

Students are instructed to pick up where they left off the previous day in Chapter 2 while reflecting on meaningful passages and responding in their journals, citing relevant evidence, RI.9-10.1,  to support their analysis in their comments and connections as required in standard W.9-10.1.

I use guided practice by checking work as students read independently and write a meaningful passage in their journals. 

Wrap Up

10 minutes

Student to Student Share

To share their responses and check for understanding I ask students to sit with a partner and first look at the listening skill that they want to focus on during their sharing of an log entry with a partner as required in speaking and listening standard SL.9-10.1a. I ask students to refer to the accountable talk stems when making a comment or response.

I circulate listening to partners share while offering encouraging comments.