Finding THE MEssage Workstations

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SWBAT apply skills learned about poetry to interpret meaning and the theme of poems.

Big Idea

Independence is important in learning. Enjoy some freedom as you strengthen your skills in poetry.

Introduction and Expectations

5 minutes

Today we'll continue working on poetry skills from the past lessons in this unit. My students' unit pre-assessment showed that personification (L.5.5.) was something they needed to work on, so I will be including practice with that skill today. Students will also work on finding the theme (RL.5.2) of poems in an independent LearnZillion station. I will work with my small group to start thinking about the overall theme of the story "Love That Dog." 

Here is a quick narrative of what I plan to do today. I always go over the stations first so they know what to expect for the day, and I keep a rotation chart up for them to view during each rotation. 



45 minutes

Teacher Station: Today while we are reading, we will use our theme notes to help us start thinking about the theme of Love That Dog. While reading, we will record our ideas on an inferencing t-chart. Remember, to make an inference, we have to connect the details with our background knowledge. 

My students recently took their state testing for the winter to track their growth. My groups today are formed from that data. I have a strategic group of readers that haven't yet passed the reading portion of the test. While working with this group, I will model making inferences and focus heavily on the kids finding specific details to support inferences. We will read and record thoughts on a graphic organizer that resembles the theme notes sheet I provided in my finding theme lesson. 

My other two groups are working to meet their growth targets, but have passed the state tests. While they are with me, we'll have more of a mini-socratic seminar discussion. I want those students to read a few pages at a time and then I'll check in to see if the students can make some inferences about what is being read. I'll be pushing the students to find details to support that the theme may be that loss is hard, but in time, we find ways to grieve. 

Personification: In this station, you'll need to first watch the youtube video that is saved on my ipad. After viewing that, please complete the personification activity- you'll need to read each sentence, decide what nonliving object is being personified and then explain human characteristic is being used. When you finish with this task, please start a poem about a gumball. You will need to personify the gumball. 

I'll check in with this group a few times to be sure they are on task with the video and that they are getting the work done. 

LearnZillion Theme: Today you will watch two LearnZillion videos about finding theme. The first section is about finding the meaning of the poem and the second is about finding the theme. You will insert the poem in your notebook, and be sure to mark the poem along with the video. Pretend that I am walking you through the lessons and think about what I would expect you to do. 

My students will complete this activity on the SMART board because my groups are large, but small classroom computers or tablets work well, too. 


So how did the rotations go today? What did you learn? How did you use your 7 habits during the stations go today?