Levels of Questioning and Answering

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SWBAT respond to interpretive questions using double-entry journal format.

Big Idea

Understanding Tangerine at a deeper level.

Costa's Level of Questioning Poem

10 minutes

To introduce Costa's Level of Questioning, as a class, we read the “One-Two-Three Story Intellect Poem  and related it to the levels of questioning and responding to questions.

One-story = just finding the answer

Two-story = making inferences

Three-story = applying it to real world knowledge/experience

Levels of Questioning

15 minutes

Using the Level of Questioning power point, we discussed levels of questioning in more detail and related it to questions that could be asked about the portion of the novel, Tangerine, previously read in class.

Practice Double Entry Journal

30 minutes

The novel, Tangerine, is written as a journal.  Instead of having chapters, it is labeled as dates in which the protagonist, Paul, has written.  

Students have previously read dates - 8/18 – 8/19.  Today in class, they wrote responses to the questions in the power point (screen 6) using double entry journal format which had been practiced earlier in the week.  This provided practice in addressing the various levels of questioning.  They were also required to incorporate textual evidence to support their reasoning.

 After writing, students were given an opportunity to share responses. Together students were able to give each other feedback as to whether examples provided answered the questions.  They also addressed the textual evidence used to used to support their reasoning.  After discussing within small groups, students could add information, if they felt it strengthened their responses.