Review Day

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SWBAT review all concepts from the graphing linear functions unit through a group activity.

Big Idea

Students will complete review questions from the current unit as well as practice their pacing when answering assessment questions.


10 minutes

Students will complete the Do Now in 5 minutes. We will review the answers to the Do-Now aloud and students will score their own paper. This Do-Now is the third in a set of similar exercises that students have completed thus far in this unit.  I will then ask students to think about the importance of exercises such as these and reflect on the growth of their own problem solving skills.

Next, a student will read the objective: SWBAT review all concepts from the linear equations unit through a group activity.

Group Activity- Pass The Card

60 minutes

The purpose of today's class is for students to review all concepts from our current unit. The class will participate in the "Pass the Card" activity. This activity gives students an opportunity to review, as well as chance to practice their pacing while taking an assessment. At times, my students can dwell too long on an individual problem. This activity will force students to move on after a specific amount of time has passed.

Using this online interval timer, students will have one minute to answer each equation. When the timer sounds, students must pass the card that they have in front of them to the person that is sitting beside them in their group. This rotation of cards will continue until each student has had an opportunity to answer each of the 12 questions. At the end of the 12 minutes, I will allow 2-3 minutes for students to revisit any card that they still need additional time on.

Next, each group will select 2-3 questions (depending on the class size) to review with the class. The students will take on the role of the instructor, and will share their thought process and correct solutions with the class using the Pass the Card presentation, while the rest of class checks their own answers.

Instructional Note: The Pass the Card Activity must be cut out and paper clipped by the teacher before class begins. I laminated the cards for more durability, but this is not necessary. Students should be sorted into groups of six. Each group should turn their desks so that they are sitting into a circle. Every group will need their own set of cards, and each individual student will need their own answer sheet.

End of Unit Student Self-Reflection

10 minutes

Students will complete the Unit Reflection towards the end of class. I will ask them to be as honest as possible, and if they are uncomfortable with a response they can choose to leave their name off of the entire paper.

I will analyze the student responses and share out a summary of the student’s responses at the beginning of our next class.

Sample Assessment Questions

My students will take an interim assessment that is created by my school district (DCPS). I have attached three sample questions from the assessment that show the level of rigor and reasoning required for students to demonstrate mastery of the standards covered in this unit.