Seeing the Mistress of Sonnet 130

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Students will be able to create a visual representation of the mistress in Sonnet 130 by drawing a picture and citing evidence for details in the picture.

Big Idea

Bringing the mistress of Sonnet 130 to life through art.

Daily Grammar

15 minutes

On Fridays, the bellwork is done independently as quiz.  There's nothing in the Friday paragraph that we haven't done before, so this is more formal formative assessment to see if they're learning the concepts. 

Group Work to Make Posters

30 minutes

Today's task was to create a poster showing what the mistress looks like.  Visualization is a critical reading strategy, a skill that teachers hope their students will internalize.  Visualizing with this poem is critical, especially for students who struggle with reading.

The directions I gave were this--draw a picture of the woman described in Sonnet 130.  Everything that was drawn should be supported by evidence from the text, and that evidence should be cited, either by coping the quote directly or by paraphrasing. 

Essentially, the citations (quoted or paraphrased) were the concrete evidence.  The illustration was the commentary.

I did tell them that line three ("if snow be white, why then her breasts are dun") needed to be school appropriate.  I figured that since students could barely say that line, they wouldn't want to draw it, but I should still cover my bases.

For my honors classes, I used the clock appointment system to divide students up.  For my co-taught classes, I planned groups with a student who reads at or above grade level with a student who reads below grade level.

I gave students about thirty minutes to work on their posters.

Presenting the Mistress

10 minutes

My honors groups wanted to show off their posters.  They begged for it.  Some of my co-taught classes? Not so much.  However, standing up in front of a group of people is a critical skill to learn.  Listening to a speaker who is not a teacher is an important skill to learn.  Therefore, presentations!

Not every group got to present, but sometimes that's okay.

The video of Sonnet 130 I've included in this section shows the artistic interpretation of the woman that was show in the presentations. It's being read by Alan Rickman.

Lesson Resources

Today's lesson picture is a snapshot of one group's interpretation of the woman in Sonnet 130.