Looking at Another Leader: Mahatma Gandhi

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SWBAT read and discuss the leadership characteristics possessed by two world leaders.

Big Idea

Understanding and valuing leadership characteristics in others builds leadership capacity in ourselves.

Signing In and Assigning Traits

10 minutes

When the students enter the classroom today, they find a Smart board slide up with some of the people we discussed as leaders on the board.  There are also some character traits that could describe the people.  The students will use the Smart board slide as a sign in to write the traits in the boxes that they think correspond to the leaders we've discussed.

After each student has signed in, we look at the slide and discuss the similarities and differences between the people.  (It seems that not many people think Kanye is a leader in the same way as the others!!)


Where Does He Fit In? Discovering Gandhi

35 minutes

After the sign in discussion, I ask if the students remember any other leader in the text from the last couple of days.  None of them seem to remember that Martin Luther King Jr. had studied the teachings of Gandhi so I put the book under the page where it talks about Gandhi and tell them that today we're going to read about a leader we may not know- Mahatma Gandhi.  

We pull down the big classroom map and find India and I hand out the printable biography on Gandhi and tell the students to read it and decide if he shares any leadership qualities with Martin.  I also hand out a T chart with pictures of MLK and Gandhi.  I ask the students to list the leadership qualities that they think Martin Luther King, Jr. possesses.  I tell them that they are to read this biography independently (yes, no partners) and when they're done, begin to list the traits that Gandhi also possesses.  

Again, I find myself facilitating and monitoring.  The students are not as thrilled about this biography since most of them have never heard of Gandhi, but nonetheless, they read it and fill out their charts.

So, Who Was This Gandhi Guy?

15 minutes

After the students finish reading and charting, we again share some of the words they came up with.  I add new words to the chart as I hear them.  Sometimes the kiddos say words off the cuff that they couldn't think of when I asked them to name some traits.  Funny, but the other kids will point out a word and the student who said the word will look so surprised.  They know so much more than they think!!

After sharing and discussing Gandhi, the students must complete their independent question that I will collect for an assessment.  They have the rest of the time to work.