Sharing vs. Grouping Engagement Lesson 1

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Students will be able to defend their understanding of sharing and grouping in division using a multimedia application.

Big Idea

Students are motivated to have their voice and understanding heard on the computer. These lessons allows them the "fame", while demanding rigor in thinking and communicating.


5 minutes

To add some fun to the beginning of the lesson and review yesterday's vocabulary terms, sharing and grouping, try showing this cute and fast clip.

Following the video, or pausing it at the different division stories, discuss why each is a sharing or grouping example. 

Mini Lesson

10 minutes

Yesterday, the students worked in partnerships to define word problems as either "sharing" or "grouping". For homework, I asked them to write a sharing and a grouping story for the digits 3, 5, and 15.

Today I am going to ask them to create a Show Me video explaining each of their stories.  Show Me is a wonderful (free) application on the iPad or iPod.  It allows students to take a picture of anything and then voice and draw over the photo in order to instruct/explain. 

To begin, however, I create a video of my own to show and then we will create one together as a model. Below is the Show Me I did as an example.


After viewing my model, we discuss all of the steps I had to go through to create the video.  We came up with:

  • Write a story
  • Identify if it is sharing or grouping
  • Create a script of what we want to say and do
  • Take a photo of the story
  • Voice over the photo with script while showing the model of solving
  • Saving the video under the teacher's account

Active Engagement

25 minutes

As the active engagement, the students will create their own Show Me videos for at least one of their stories.  If they can do both in the time permitted that is great, but the idea here is for them to share their understanding and TEACH us how to solve a sharing or grouping division problem. 

Before the students begin the task of creating a video, I ask them to turn and tell their partner what they plan to do for their project.  This way, they are organizing their thoughts and are having some accountable talk. 

In this project I will hold back my level of help until a student has begun. The reason for this is that I want them to struggle a bit if they need to, in order to make their own sense.  I do not want to rescue when they really are not falling.  After about 3-5 minutes, I start my conferring in the room. 

Wrap Up and Sharing

25 minutes

Due to the fact that this is a two day lesson, the closing is just a quick partner share of what the students have completed for the day and what they plan to do tomorrow. 

I ask the students to share with their partner with the task of agreeing or disagreeing with the type of division problem they are displaying on their ShowMe.