Romantic Carousel Activity

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SWBAT apply what they've learned about Romantics to several small activities

Big Idea

True understanding is demonstrated by applying a concept in multiple ways.


3 minutes

When students walk in we briefly go over the directions and I explain each station and what they are expected to do there.  I cover the material quickly because there are instructions at each station that are clear and in-depth.  I realize that in order for the students to visit at least three stations we need to move quickly. 


Poetry & Imagery

15 minutes

Students at this station will pull out the imagery and draw a picture from either Blake's "The Chimney-Sweeper", Shelley's "Ozymandias" or Wordsworth's "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud". They need to include as much of the imagery as possible and can make their drawing representational, or a collage of images. 

Revolution & The Imagination

15 minutes

This is the more introspective and analytical of the stations.  Students will briefly read an article about the Romantics & Revolution and then using their notes write a summary of the impact of the French Revolution on Romanticism. 

Nature & The Sublime

15 minutes

This was a popular station and it was exciting to see students pulling pictures they had taken themselves of sublime aspects of nature. 


Celebrity & The Individual

15 minutes

This station was also popular because students are familiar with satire sites like The Onion or  Some of the students had to check their facts before writing headlines, and some should have checked their facts. 

Poetic Diction: Inverted Sentences

15 minutes

This was probably the most challenging station for the students, and that was a little surprising.  Once I helped then with the first four lines they figured out the correct order, but at first they were stumped.