ShouldYour School Get Rid of Sports? Part 2

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SWBAT determine an authors point of view and analyze how that is distinguished from others.

Big Idea

There are two sides to every argument.

Warm Up

5 minutes

To open class today, I will ask students to turn to a neighbor and explain how to trace and argument. After they have discussed, I will ask a student of two to share their explanation with the class so I can correct any misunderstandings.

Lesson & Independent Practice

40 minutes

Today, continuing from yesterday's lesson students will work independently to "trace an argument". 

The piece "Should Your School Get Rid of Sports? is from Scholastic Scope's January 1, 2014 issue.  It includes two pieces on opposite sides of an issue. Today we will be looking at the second article.  I have linked a preview of page one here, but as it is for subscribers only cannot include more.  Back issues are available through Scholastic though.

After reading the entire piece together, I will ask students to take out the handout from yesterday. The handout includes six pages because we will be worked with the other side of the argument yesterday, but today, they will complete pages 4-6 with the second article. This is a chance for me to walk around and monitor their understanding.

After students have had time to finish, I will display the handout pages on my SMART board and fill them in as we discuss the reasons, evidence, etc. from the piece.  Students will supply the answers, but I will guide them as we check for understanding.


Wrap Up

10 minutes

To wrap up class, students will respond to the following in their journal.

Should Schools Get Rid of Sports?

Respond to the two articles. What are you thinking?

Regardless of what you believe personally, which one had the best -most sound- evidence? Why? Give me at least one specific quote that demonstrates this.

After reading the two articles, what idea or example can you take way to use in your own argument piece later in this unit?