Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" Argument -Part 2

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SWBAT compare the written and spoken version of the speech.

Big Idea

What an impact delivery can make!

Warm Up

15 minutes

Today is Free Read Friday.  (The link here takes will take you to an earlier lesson with my reflection explaining Free Read Friday.) Students will read their personal library books for the first 15 minutes of class.



20 minutes

To begin the lesson for today, I will have students take out the copy of "I Have a Dream" they used in class yesterday.  We will discuss what it must have been like to be there when the speech was delivered, and the impact hearing the words might make on our understanding.  

To demonstrate, I tell students we are going to see what it was like by watching original footage of the speech.  I explain that they should follow along on their copy and suggest that they make notes noting the differences between viewing it as we will today compared to reading it as they did yesterday.

At this point, students will listen to and view Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s  "I Have a Dream" speech as it was delivered in 1963. 

Afterward, we will review the answers to the questions along the margin and discuss what they noticed as they read and/or listened.  


Independent Practice/Wrap Up

20 minutes

Finally, students will take a handout from the caddy.  This task asks them to demonstrate their thinking by completing a short answer question explaining whether they prefer the written or delivered versions of the speech.

A short answer should be completed in @15 minutes.  By the time students begin work on this task they'll have that amount of time, so to wrap up class students can turn in their response by leaving them in the caddy at their table.