Punctuation Party

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SWBAT locate, and read different types of punctuation within a text to help build reading fluency.

Big Idea

While reading students often forget the importance of punctuation. This lesson pays attention to the different types of punctuation and their use in a reading text.

Punctuation Celebration Poetry Book

10 minutes

To help review all of the different punctuation, I begin by reading the book Punctuation Celebration by Elsa Knight Bruno. Each punctuation mark has a little poem to describe what they do for a sentence. I tried to use the document camera to show the poems, because each one puts the punctuation mark in a different color. It did not show up very well so I made sure to point out the punctuation as I read it under the document camera.

After reading I ask the class to remind me what the job of that particular punctuation mark is. I also had them write each mark I read about onto their white board. This way they have it to reference to play the game. 


Punctuation White Board Game

3 minutes

Once we come to the end of the book, I want them to use the punctuation they have written on their white boards for the game. I start by asking them to draw a box onto their white board. Inside this box they will put the correct punctuation for the sentence I tell them. 

I will read a sentence out loud and abide by the punctuation. I use the sentences from the book to read to the class. I will repeat the sentence twice and then have them write what punctuation was in the middle or at the end of the sentence. When I say the words, "show me," the class raises their boards and show me so  I can check. I do this for various sentences. I focus mostly on periods, exclamation points, question marks, and commas. 

Book Search

4 minutes

We conclude this game to move to a search and find within their own reading books. I want them to use their own books so they can see that their books contain all the different kinds of punctuation. I call out a type of punctuation and they have to flip through their book to find it. Then they will raise their hand to show me they have found it. 

Punctuation Practice with ABC's

2 minutes

For the last part of this lesson we are going to practice reading the ABC's with special punctuation. I have included a resource on how I write this on the board. I change the punctuation so that the class has to read that section with right emphasis. I might start with some thing that looks like this:





As a class we practice paying attention to the different marks. We practice multiple times and each time I change the punctuation. When I have changed it at least three times, I then ask them to explain to me what they noticed about out voices and how it changed the way red the letters.