Circles Review

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SWBAT demonstrate effective problem solving with circles

Big Idea

What have you learned about circles?


30 minutes

We will review the answers to the pre assessment in partners (from the Circles Pre-Assessment Lesson). The partners will work through the pre assessment questions together. I want them to have true discussions about how to solve each of the questions. What do they know? What does the question ask? What do they need to do to answer the question? What operations are they using? I want to see them work together to answer the questions and to rely upon what they have learned during our work on this unit. When they finish the partner work, we will model the solution to each problem on the board or under the document camera for the whole class. As we model the solutions, students can see options to solve the problem, ask questions, and answer the questions posed by their peers. They benefit from seeing problems solved from a different perspective and from the validation of possibly seeing a problem solved in a way they would approach it.


5 minutes

To end class, I will ask students to use the Traffic Light strategy to let me know how confident they feel with finding the area and circumference of a circle based on the review we just completed. I can use the number of yellow and red responses to open class before the post assessment to address any concerns and calm any fears. If students still have questions, I can use the red and yellow responses to start discussion on concepts they may still be struggling with on circles.