Midterm Review Workshop

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SWBAT review concepts for the midterm exam.

Big Idea

Students work on midterm review and let you know what they still need help with.

Midterm Review Workshop

55 minutes

Today will mostly be a workday as students continue to progress on the midterm review packet that they received. I will randomly put students in groups of three so they get a different perspective than their table groups that they have been working with for the last few days. I instruct students that the main goal is to focus in on topics that they know they struggle with.

On the board I will designate a certain Math Graffiti area where students can write down specific topics or problems that they will need help with. I find that when I ask the class for questions on the review there may be 10-12 questions they want to go over. We do not have enough time to go over that many, so this allows students to be more reflective about what they need help on. It also gives you a good idea of what the general trends are. I will tell students to put a check mark next to something that is already written down if they have the same question.

In the last 15 minutes of class, I will go over the most common questions from the Math Graffiti board. In this video I discuss questions that are usually difficult for students and ones that are commonly asked about.

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