Little Red's Story Elements

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SWBAT to define and use story element vocabulary to explain the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Big Idea

Little Red Riding Hood is a great story to introduce story element vocabulary. The elements are easy to pick out and it makes a good start to learning the vocabulary,

Frayer Models

15 minutes

To begin the lesson I ask students to get out their white boards. I love using them over paper to cut down on paper usage. Once they have them out I ask them to draw the Frayer Model on their board. They have not used this model for learning new vocabulary so I had to model what it looked like on the white board. I explained how we would use each box and that the center circle would be where we would be writing our new word. I also went through each box and explained how we were going to use this model to define and learn new words. 

The words we are going to go over today are the elements of a story that are key to developing a summary and understanding the theme. The five words are: plot, setting, complications, protagonist, and antagonist. 

I start with setting because it is the one they are most familiar with. I write the word in the middle of my Frayer model and then go over box one. I ask them to come up with a definition for the word. They all knew it as the place where a story happens, but it was great when one of my students brought up time. I added both of these to our definition and gave examples of why time is important. We then filled in box two for all the facts and main details we know about settings. The bottom two boxes we filled in examples and then non-examples. They enjoyed this and I made it more fun by making it a game. I gave them 15 seconds to add as many examples as they could to their board and then did the same for non-examples. I then allowed them to share their ideas with a partner. 

We continued this format with each of the next four words. When we got to protagonist and antagonist they need more prompting and modeling from me. I constantly gave examples and asked for examples to help them with their understanding. 

Little Red

10 minutes

To help students practice using their new vocabulary I am going to read a version of Little Red Riding Hood. This is a great story that easy for students to identify the different story elements and practice explaining their purpose within the story.

Before I read the story, I have students write plot, setting, complication, protagonist, and antagonist. They can also just use the first letter. I have them write these going down the side of their white board. This way students can write down each element as I read. 

Declare and Share

5 minutes

Students will now declare and share their results from listening to the reading of Little Red. I start with setting and students have to tell me the setting and how it helped tell the story. We continue to do this with each element. I also ask them to tell me how they knew that was the correct answer for that particular element.