Introduction to the Romantics

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SWBAT define Romanticism as a literary movement

Big Idea

What is Romanticism


5 minutes

I begin class by giving students an overview of the week. We're going to watch excerpts from the three videos that make up the BBC documentary called "The Romantics". Students will then write their own definitions of what they think Romanticism is. 

Then there will be a series of roundtable discussion/activities about the contributions of the Romantics to art, literature and popular culture. 

I ask students to take notes during the documentary to determine what the main ideas of Romanticism are, and some of the topics and subjects the Romantic poets wrote about. 


Taking Notes on "The Romantics

45 minutes

We watch excerpts from the first video in "The Romantics" - Liberty

I pause after the more meaty portions of the documentary to give them a chance to discuss the ideas present in the documentary..


5 minutes

At the end of the video I had the students clean up their notes, as we reflected on the main points of the video.