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SWBAT determine the amount of a discount

Big Idea

How much is my discount?


5 minutes
  • POD

As students enter the room, they will have a seat, take out their Problem of the Day (POD) sheet and begin to work on the question on the SMARTboard. The POD allows students to use MP 3 continually based on the discussions we have about the problem each day.

  • Learning Target

The target for the day is also on the SMARTboard each day when students enter the room.  The target for today’s lesson is for students to compute discount problems.

Students have worked with finding sales tax, total price, tips and markups. In each of the previous lessons, students added an amount to find a solution. Now they will begin to look at how discounts are found and how to find a solution after a discount is applied. The POD today is a recap of what we did in class the day before. I want to make sure that students understand the concept of finding a tip and the amount of the markup.

Lisa and Sam clean homes for a summer job. They charge $70 for the job plus 5% for supplies. A homeowner gave them a 15% tip. Did they receive more than $82 for their job? Explain your answer.


30 minutes

We will work through a series of problems for students to put in their notes. The first problem we will work through together as a class. I want students to guide me through the steps of finding the discount. I need to see if they can intuitively figure it out or if they need guidance to apply what they know. Do they realize what a discount is? Do they recognize they need to subtract the value of the discount from the original price in order to determine the price?


5 minutes

To end class, students will do an exit ticket to demonstrate their ability to solve a problem finding a discount. If there is any confusion, we can look at another problem during the review for the summative unit assessment. If they show me they have understanding, we can introduce a problem that involves multiple steps and possibly incorporates a markup or a discount. We can also integrate a Write It Wednesday activity to allow students the opportunity to explain to me what they have done and how they applied a discount.

Find the sale price of a $64 jacket with 20% off.