Demonstrating an Understanding of Black Boy by Using a Reader's Log (Day 1 of 2)

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SWBAT cite specific evidence from Chapter 2 in Black Boy and demonstrate understanding by writing responses to meaningful passages using a Reader’s Log.

Big Idea

Want to increase student comprehension? Try using a Reader's Log.


15 minutes

Today is the first day back from our winter break and I want to re-engage my students into the novel we are reading, Black Boy, by using a character map for the protagonist as a young boy.

For the activator I pass out a character map and begin talking about young Richard's character, reminding them of some of the challenges he faced in chapter 1 (RL.9-10.3).  I then ask students to fill the information asked on the character map using the text when necessary.

Using my docucamera I project a blank map on a screen and with student responses fill in my map.

Building Knowledge

20 minutes

I explain that we will be using a reading strategy called the Reader's Log.  I pass out a "Journal Reader's Log Assignment for Black Boy" and ask a student to read the first paragraph out loud while the other students read silently.  I then ask all students to underline the three benefits of using a Reader's log.  Using the Cold Call technique, I then call on students to tell me one thing they underlined. I do this because for motivation, I think students need to understand not only what they will be doing but also why they are doing it.  

I then review the three steps for putting entries in their journals as well as read the sample entries.  Next, I  model making a journal entry on the black board by finding a meaningful quote from chapter 1.  Using the Think Aloud strategy I then write a comment and my connection to the quote. 

I tell students that for the Wrap Up activity we will be sharing one Reader's log journal entree with a partner and use the Speaking and Listening Skills list to remind us to be accountable to our partner when speaking and listening.  I pass out the Listening Skills check list and ask students to check one or two skills that they will be focusing on during their discussion.  


Student Learning Activity

30 minutes

To make certain that my students are clear on how to write an entry into their journals, I begin the student activity by reading a selected passage RI.9-10.1 aloud from Chapter 2 while students “read in their heads”  and model a response to a quote following the 3 steps of the Readers log

Students then are instructed to read the next paragraph(s) independently while reflecting on meaningful passages and respond in their journals using the steps for the Readers log as required in standard W.9-10.10 to cite textual evidence to support answers. Students will be finding a quote and then through reflective writing comment on its meaning.

I use guided practice by checking work as students read and enter meaningful passages into their journals. 

Wrap Up

10 minutes

Student to Student Share

I ask students to sit with a partner and first look at the listening skill that they checked that they want to focus on during their sharing of one entry with their partner as required in speaking and listening standard 9-10.1a.

I circulate listening to partners share and offer encouraging comments.