Revise and Revisit the Arctic Fox and Giraffe Informational Paragraph

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SWBAT revise an informational paragraph

Big Idea

Go deep into higher order thinking mode while evaluating and analyzing previous work about two animals that seem to be quite captivating.


10 minutes

Common Core Connection

This standard was confusing to me at first, but W1.5 is asking students to question their work and revise it based on suggestions from peers and adults.  So, they need to be able to determine the parts of a paragraph in order to analyze one. Students must also understand the structure of a complete sentence.

One big thing I find and often struggle with is teaching my students to paraphrase. Some students try to just copy out of the text, because they do not know what to write or they haven't internalized the information well enough to put it in their own words. I think if the copyright police came to my room during writing we might all go to jail. Paraphrasing is especially challenging to many ELL students because they are so unfamiliar with the content and vocabulary. This is a huge thing to consider when teaching writing. I typically do a lot of modeling to assist my ELLs and tell them to try to put it in their own words.  Sometimes I restate what they say in correct grammar then write it on the board or table for them to copy.

Lesson Overview

The students work in small groups throughout the lesson and transition often.  I have a video on each in the resources. Then we revise an informational paragraph together and the students work with a partner to revise their work from the previous lesson. This is the third of a series of lessons using the Arctic Fox and Giraffe text. The first lesson was about text features.

I like for my students to work with a partner and transition often. There is a video on how I do this in the resources.

Introductory Activity

To engage the class I project the lesson image on the board and ask the students to discuss what kinds of things go into revising work. This is one of our last revising lessons so I am expecting them to remember several strategies like define or describe the details. I do assess their understanding as I am listening.

My class likes to know what they are going to get to do throughout the lesson, so I share the plan in the beginning and we chant the lesson goal.

Guided Practice

20 minutes

Student Reflection

5 minutes


5 minutes