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SWBAT analyze the illustrations in an informational text.

Big Idea

Excite your class as they learn about what is inside a leaf.


10 minutes

Common Core Connection

This standard allows students to add to the knowledge gained by reading the words in a text and analyze the illustrations to deepen knowledge of the content.  There are a lot of details about content presented in the images and illustrations in many non-fiction texts.  Students need to learn to use all parts of a book to learn about the content.  

Lesson Overview

In the guided practice I selected a complex page from Nature's Cycles: The Plant Cycle (Photosynthesis and Parts of a Leaf) by Sally Morgan, because the picture shows a lot of information about a leaf.  For partner work I selected a less complex text, Why Do Leaves Change Colors by Betsy Maestro, because students will be working in small groups.  I did this because I want to expose my class to complex text when I can help them by scaffolding my instruction. I often read the text to them and do a great deal of explaining that I cannot do during the partner work time.

Students do Transitions every twenty minutes and work in collaborative groups (Partners) throughout the lesson. I made videos on both strategies, and they are in the resources.

Introductory Activity

This is the time in the lesson that I like to engage the class in partner talk about how we can gain knowledge by looking at the illustrations. The students look at the leaf which is projected on the Promethean board and discuss what they can learn about a leaf just by looking at the picture.  I anticipate that my students have a lot to say since this is one of the last lessons in our unit. While they talk I assess their understanding of what you can learn from a picture.

Then I share the plan for the lesson, because this puts the students at ease.  Last, I ask them to chant the lesson goal to make sure they are aware of the lesson goal. They say, " I can learn information from the illustrations.

Guided Practice

20 minutes

Student Reflection

5 minutes


5 minutes

The class remains seated in the lounge and the will tell their partner two things they learned about using illustrations today. Hopefully they will say that they can learn details and information.  I ask a few students to share what they learned and then I share what I wanted them to learn.

Last we chant the lesson goal three times to reiterate what they were supposed to learn, but it also give the students more practice speaking. I think the more the English Language Learners can speak the better their communication and comprehension skills grow.