What Details Do I Include?

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SWBAT select details that support their topic sentence.

Big Idea

This lesson builds on previous lessons creating an informational paragraph based on research that has been provided.


10 minutes

Common Core Connection

This is the sixth lesson in the unit for W1.8 (Research Writing). I have to break this standard down into manageable sections (finding information, writing notes/details, topic sentences, and now selecting details from notes). This lesson deals with determining what is important in the text. There is so much information available to the students, but I am trying to teach them to be selective in what they view as important. 

Lesson Overview

The students work with me as we read a piece of informational text and decide what we think is important. The we add that to a graphic organizer. This is done with partners using the research I provided them based on their interests in the partner work section.

The students work with their Peanut Butter Jelly Partner and Transtition frequently to keep their energy up throughout the lesson.

Introductory Activity

During this time I try to motivate my class and assess their prior knowledge regarding selecting appropriate details. So, I project the lesson image on the Smart Board to excite them about writing, and ask the students to discuss how they know what details to include. I hope they say that the details must be about a related topic and seem important. Whatever they say I share their conversations, and explain that today we will select details based on their connection to the topic sentence, other details, and importance.

Then we chant the lesson goal, "I can select detail that support my topic sentence."

Student Reflection

5 minutes


5 minutes