What's the Point? Learning about Cow Power and Ozone Depletion

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SWBAT identify the author's point and reasons the author uses to support their point.

Big Idea

If you want a really complex and rigorous lesson, this one's for you! It is actually very interesting too.


10 minutes

Common Core Connection

This standard asks the students to evaluate a text to find the author's main point and find the reasons the author uses in the text to support their point. Wow, this is really complex, and it helps if you use a specific kind of text to support the skill. The text should be non-fiction and have a strong voice from the author.

Lesson Overview

This is the third lesson in a series of five lessons. I began with pollution, then went to agriculture, and now we are entering completely unknown territory, because alternative power and the ozone are not something my students know much about. I chose these topics because the author's strong point, and I want to expose my students to current issues.

The students work in small collaborative groups throughout the lesson, and they also transition about every twenty minutes.  I find that physically getting first graders moving often actually keeps them focused for a lengthy lesson. In addition, students are social by nature and enjoy work in small groups.  The groups in my class are made up of two students that are labeled either peanut butter or jelly. I base their grouping on their oral reading fluency score from DIBELS.

I selected a text called Cow Power from Kids National Geographic for the guided practice. Then I used A Record Breaking Year for the Ozone also from Kids National Geographic for the partner work.

Introductory Activity

To engage the class I show them the cow power video, but the text is the same as in a questioning lesson I did. This is because the text and idea are so complex that we can study if for multiple purposes. Again, students are always engaged by a cool and short video.


Guided Practice

20 minutes

Student Reflection

5 minutes


5 minutes