Fix Up Jack Pretslusky

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SWBAT make revisions to writing based on peer questions and suggestions.

Big Idea

Improve writing previous writing and expand students evaluation skills.


10 minutes

Common Core Connection

W.1.5 allows students to make revisions to their work based on questions and suggestions from others. Students must internalize the teacher's modeling, engage in deep evaluation of each other's writing, and analyze suggestions from the peers to make the necessary revisions. My job is to provide a great deal of support, guidance, and help to the students.  Remember this is all new to first graders, and they might need extra support to avoid getting frustrated!

Lesson Overview

We go back to work from a lesson where we created an informational paragraph.  The class will make changes to improve the work in the guided practice. Then they will work with their partner to revise the work they did in the partner work. 

Students work with Partners and do Transitions about every twenty minutes. I have a video on each strategy in the resources.

Introductory Activity

I engage my class by directing their attention to our previous work on the board. Then I tell the students to discuss what changes they might make to this paragraph to make it better.  While they talk I assess their prior knowledge.

Then I share the lesson plan and goal. The class chants the goal, "I can revise and rewrite an informational paragraph."

Guided Practice

20 minutes

Partner Work

20 minutes

The students take their own paragraph from the previous day and revise it, keeping in mind the criteria I gave for structuring the paragraph.  I am not rigid about the structure, though, because I want to foster creativity.  For example, if a student wants to add more I let them, but I might guide them in forming a new paragraph.  The other issue is that they must stay on topic.  At first, I could not think up a way to justify the students including the fact that Jack Prelutsky liked to sing if the main idea was that he was a poet. But, lyrics are very similar to poems, and this justifies that he is a poet.

After about fifteen minutes of writing, the students read their work to a friend.  Their friends give them feedback and they have about five minutes to make any changes to their work.

Student Reflection

5 minutes


5 minutes