Reach for the Stars

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SWBAT ask and answer questions about the key ideas in a text.

Big Idea

Shoot for the stars in an enlightening science lesson.


10 minutes

Common Core Connection

This lesson focuses on answering questions about a text based on close reading and analyzing the information.  The requires the selection of text that allows for specific questions and an opportunity for students to find the specific answers. For this part of the standard we slow down, do a lot of rereading, and really think deep about what the information in saying.  

Lesson Overview

I selected two text from Kids National Geographic Seeking the Stars and There's a New Planet in the Sky. Both have idioms at the end, which only confuse ELL, so I wish I would have deleted them prior to printing. If you know your students need a lot of support with idioms like mine and you want to focus your energy on the objective of the lesson, then I'd suggest deleting it out. Plenty of time to explore idioms at other times! We do Transitions often and work in small groups (Peanut Butter Jelly Partner) throughout the lesson. There are videos on both.

Introductory Activity

This is when I engage the class by showing them the image of the stars, and I ask them to talk about everything they know about outer space.  That sounds much cooler than about the planets or stars. I listen and assess their prior knowledge.

Then I share the lesson plan and go over the lesson goal.

Guided Practice

20 minutes

Student Reflection

5 minutes


5 minutes

At this point I need to assess my students knowledge and I have really stretched them with the challenging lesson and text. So, I select something more simple for the closure. I ask the class to turn and talk to their partner about how to find the answers to specific questions in the text.  I listen to assess what they know and share some of their comments.

Then I close the lesson with plans for future lessons. Last, we restate the lesson goal. I can find the answers to questions about a text.