Answers about the Tropics

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SWBAT answer answer specific questions about an informational text.

Big Idea

Students will learn from context and answer questions about what they read.


10 minutes

Common Core Connection

In this lesson the students focus on answering specific questions in a text and using text evidence to justify their ideas. First they will listen to the text,  read the questions, and answer questions.  Then they will read closely to find the details that support the key ideas in the text. First graders are being introduced to close reading and analyzing informational text in this lesson.

Lesson Overview

I selected Animals of the Rainforest and Tropical Animals of the Rainforest from the Read Works.  Tropical Animals of the Rainforest is a fourth grade level text so we will do it in the guided practice so I can expose my class to complex text with support.  The students will work with their partner to ask and answer questions about a text.

My students work in small groups throughout the entire lesson (Peanut Butter Jelly Partner). In addition, I like to use a Transition strategy to get my students moving about every twenty minutes; I find that this helps them focus better. There are videos in the resources on transitions and partners. 

For this lesson I chose two Read Works text, because they are easy to find, lexiled, and colorful. Most of the picture are engaging, the text is complex, and my students learn.

Introductory Activity

First, I show the class the images of the animals on the Promethean board because colorful pictures and technology always get my class excited.  Then I ask the students to predict what we are going to learn about today.  As they become engaged I listen to check for their understanding. 

Next, I share my plan for the lesson. This helps students feel at ease, but I try to keep things consistent in order to avoid confusing my class.  We will answer specific questions about a passage together, and then you will do it with your partner. Then the class chants three times. I can answer questions about key details in a text.

Guided Practice

20 minutes

First I read one question to the class.  Then students work together with their partner to find the answers in the text.  After a minute or two, I say, " Class, class, class," and they chant, "yes, yes, yes." This stops the conversation. Next, one person shares their answer. Others agree or disagree. The entire class highlights to answer in the text, because they are learning to use text as evidence.  Once the entire class agrees with the answer by showing thumbs up or down I write it on the board (Guided Practice Board Work). 

We go through this process for each question. 

Student Reflection

5 minutes

This is the time in the lesson when the students work on their speaking and listening skills and higher order thinking skills. Several students present their work and then volunteers share their comments on ways they can make it better.  Then I add what I think about the content of the students answers. 


5 minutes

This is the time in the lesson when I try to assess what the students have learned and I do this by allowing the students to talk to their partner. I ask them to talk about how they can find answers to specific questions in the text. I share their ideas after they finish speaking.

Finally, I ask the students to repeat the lesson goal to reiterate what they are supposed to be learning.