Informational Text Structures Formative

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SWBAT identify text structures based on their distinguishing characteristics during a formative assessment

Big Idea

Time to let your structure knowledge shine!


5 minutes

Today will be used to gather some formative data on how the students are doing with the informational text structures. I will be ready for my nonfiction summative in a day or two, so I want one last look at how my students are doing with the structures and if they can distinguish them. 

I use a formative that I purchased on teachers pay teachers, but here are some other things I have found to help you with some resources. Your school may already have something made, which is great, too! Text structure formative,  Wikispace formativetext-structure-quiz

The students who still struggle will need to continue meeting with me in small groups. They need consistent intervention with looking through text, finding the key words that dominate the text and using a graphic organizer to really see what structure is happening in a specific piece. This is just going to take time. When I hit summarizing in nonfiction, the kids will revisit the structures since I use those to form the summaries. Then they'll be able to use the knowledge of structures to apply to creating the summaries which will help their learning. 

Independent Work

20 minutes

Students will complete the formative during this time. I will usually monitor my students with focus issues, check to see the kids are justifying their answers, and just be a presence while they are working. Your scoring and rubrics will depend on what you choose to use. I'll be giving more points for this one since I'm formatively assessing all structures. 

Here are two students who completed the formative. The student who meets standards was able to identify the correct structures, highlight important information, and defend the answer. The student who was slightly confused really only mixed up two questions. The student chose descriptive for a sequence paragraph, but actually highlighted all of the dates in the paragraph. They student still tried to defend the answer and actually did fairly well with the exception of that confusion. This was one of my most severe strugglers this year and in the unit in particular. I will continue to work with the student in small groups during my RTI time and my next units' workstations.