Writing an Argument - Extended Response

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SWBAT write an argument that includes support from other texts.

Big Idea

Come on, convince me.

Warm Up

5 minutes

To open class today, I will ask students to look at the rubric displayed on the screen and follow as I review it -(note they have used extended responses and this rubric in the past.  See my reflection for more information).

Next, I will ask them to turn to a neighbor and share three things they know they need to do in order to score well on their extended response today.

Independent Practice

45 minutes

For my students, today's class is all about demonstrating what they have learned. For me, it is a chance to gage our progress and see where we need to start after Christmas break as we move deeper into writing argument.

Students will use the support they collected yesterday to complete an extended response question.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

To wrap up class for today (and this semester as it is Christmas Break), I will ask that students put their response in their caddy and direct their attention to the screen.

I'll share the video below and ask that they consider the inportance of all the people we have learned about in this unit.  From Malala to Mr. Gross they all persevered.  They did not give up but were determined to live and in spite of everything, finish what they were compelled to do.