The Art of Rhetoric Part 4 -Analyzing Text

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SWBAT analyze text to identify supporting evidence.

Big Idea

Finding the support needed to butt heads -intelligently.

Warm Up

5 minutes

To open class today, we will view the video below.

After viewing the video, I'll ask students if they've had a head-butting argument like this one before.  They'll all say yes, of course, and want to tell everyone all about theirs.  However, I'll steer them in another direction by asking while it is funny, what is wrong with arguing in this way? Is it a good argument? 


40 minutes

Today's lesson moves away from persuasion to creating a good argument and winds up the powerpoint we've been using this week. We will review slides 42 to 51 discussing each.

When we get to slide 51, I will have students take a copy of their Scholastic Scope Common Core Reader.  Then, they will turn to the piece "Are You a Loser?" and look for examples of support or evidence in the piece. To record what they find, students will use the attached chart.

After students spend some time with the piece, I'll ask if this piece presents a better argument that the video we viewed in the warm up.  They'll say yes, but then I'll ask how they know this.  

What students will notice is that the piece has an anecdote early on, but relies primarily on examples of famous people who started out as failures, but eventually succeed. 

At this point, I'll ask them if this piece could present a stronger argument and that will lead into our wrap up.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

To wrap up class today, students will work with a partner to identify specific support suggestions for the author of the piece. The goal is to help the author use at least one other type of support.  After students discuss for a few minutes, we will share ideas aloud and create a list on the SMART board.