The Art of Rhetoric Part 3 -Audience Awareness

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SWBAT determine the technique and target audience for a given advertisement.

Big Idea

"Aim small, miss small."

Warm Up

5 minutes

To open class today, I will display slide 19 in the powerpoint.  I will ask students to have a discussion at their table around the questions on the slide.

Then, we will share to lead into today's lesson. 


40 minutes

Today's lesson continues the powerpoint we've been using over the past few days. After slide 19 in the warm up, I will continue to slide 43. 

Today is all about discussion and examples from the real world. The slides lead you through it while creating the visual for the students to connect to.

Beginning with slide 35 (though 42) I like to have a bit of a competition between tables.  I've done this several ways from - using SMART "voters" to electronically share answers to using white boards that one student holds up for the table.  This type of response allows me to immediately see issues and areas that we need to discuss.  

I've also tried this individually, but went back to groups. I find that group anwsers bring conversation -especially when I let them know that I will randomly chose one person from a table to explain the answer for their table! 


Wrap Up

10 minutes

To wrap up class today students will respond to an open question I've posted in our Edmodo classroom online identifying at least two different ads that target them.  Then, they'll answer the question -How do you feel about ad executives targeting you?Explain your thinking to your classmates.

This opens the door for an online conversation that continues after class.