The Art of Rhetoric Part 1-Persuasion vs. Argument

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SWBAT understand the difference between argument and persuasion.

Big Idea

Yes, Virginia argument and persuasion are different.

Warm Up

10 minutes

Class today will require this powerpoint.

The warm up for today is the video below which is included at the beginning of the powerpoint with instructions.  

I will provide a brief introduction by asking students if they have heard of the famous "Yes, Virginia There is a Santa Claus" letter before viewing. Most students have seen the cartoon or at least heard of it, but have no idea about the real story.

This is one of my favorite pieces to share with students (especially at this time of year -Christmas).  I believe it is one of the most beautiful pieces of writing ever produced.



35 minutes
For today's lesson, I will walk students through slides 1-15 of the powerpoint.  
A note here about the powerpoint.  If you follow me, you know I am fortunate to have laptops in my classroom, so my students can access this powerpoint in class or at home.  I do give them specific handouts when needed, but try to be forward thinking by using digital means (less paper) to share as much as possible.   
My students know that everything from power points to journal entries are housed there.  This includes handouts they can print at home or school if an extra copy is needed. However, not everyone has this situation, so consider printing a "handout" version of this powerpoint or at least certain slides.  This will enable students to have continuous access to the information.
When we get to slide 14, I'll as students to take a handout from the caddy of "Yes, Virginia There is a Santa Claus" to complete the task. They'll circle and underline information on the page and answer the question on the back. 
Then, I'll ask students to respond (at the same time) to a poll on Edmodo that asks them if the piece is an example of persuasion or argument, so I can gage their thinking. We'll share explanations after I reveal the poll results on the SMART screen.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

To wrap up today's lesson, I will review the piece comparing it to the chart earlier in the powerpoint and discussing with the class why the Editor's response to Virginia is an example of persuasion instead of argument.

We will review slide 15 before students are dismissed.