Assessment: Addition

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SWBAT show that they understand how to read and write place value, use a standard algorithm to add and round multi-digit numbers.

Big Idea

Students complete a standard assessment to see how well they can add, round and name multi-digit numbers.

Getting Ready to Test!

5 minutes

This was the first math test of the year! In order to get my students ready, we talked about how they were feeling about the test. I asked them if they were nervous and had them indicate by thumbs up or down.

I asked them what things they thought they should remember about writing the test? I got answers about lining up numbers correctly, writing carefully and reading directions. I told them it was important to be very careful about checking over their test before they turned it in. Someone piped up and said...remember your name!

I showed them this funny little video about positive self talk.  I told them that I wanted them to  stick their hand out, reach around and pat themselves on the back and say..."I'm a great math student and I am going to do well...

They thought it was fun.

I closed by telling them that they had all worked very hard to master the standards. I pointed to the board where their learning goals were written and told them that they had all quizzed well to show me they were ready and I was sure they would do very well!

Addition Test

45 minutes

Module A Test Addition

I handed out their tests. I have included the goals that are standards based on the top of the test. It is important that they see what is being tested and what is expected for them to show me. I have worded it at their level. We read directions together, step by step. I asked after each section if there was anything they didn't understand as far as what they were to show me. I warned them that the mid section of the first page is tricky because we want two answers there.