Drawing words to study their meaning or Study with a buddy

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SWBAT practice the meaning of vocabulary words by studying with another person or drawing a representation of the word.

Big Idea

Study with a buddy or be your own!


5 minutes

This short lesson is meant to be used as part of a daily lesson on every Monday. I usually do a short vocabulary lesson at the start of a lesson, before my lesson opener or at the end, after the exit ticket. 

Teach: I will say, I am going to practice the skill reading over the week's vocabulary words and roots in order to find other words with the root and determine their meaning. I am going to use the strategy of repeating the words and synonyms off the Word Wall. The process I will use is as follows:

1) Repeat the words off the Word Wall** with my classmates

2) Ask myself, "What do I envision in my mind when I hear this word?"

3) Tell my partner an idea of a picture I could draw for homework or tell them who I will study with at home

5) I will make it a goal to use at least one of the words in my writing today (that I have not tried this week). 

I will have students do a class-wide choral read of the words. They will then turn and talk about an idea they have for a picture and how they could study with at home. I will remind them after the writing lesson to use at least one of the words and underline it in their writing today.

*All weeks are included in the first lesson of this unit.

**Example of the Word Wall that is used for words from past weeks