These Kids are on Fire!! Peer Editing and Revising

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SWBAT edit and revise their own writing and the writing of others.

Big Idea

Proofreading one's writing- no matter the format- is a necessity for success at any level.

Tending the Fire: Starting the Peer Edit

10 minutes

Today when students enter the room, they find their opinion drafts passed out already but not necessarily at their own seats.  Again, I group my writers together by which stage of the writing process they're in.  I find it most helpful for students to sit and work with people who are at the same stage as them.  

After the students find their own papers and sit down, I put the editing document under the rubric.  My students are very used to evaluating others' work, but in a writing assignment, they need a bit more support or they just read the writing.  The checklist  I created will hopefully keep them focused on the task and help their classmates strengthen their portfolio pieces.

Bright Minds Blazing: Work Time

40 minutes

This time, much like the drafting process, is left to the students to do what they need to do to finish.  They move their clips and move through the revising and editing process and those that are still drafting will hopefully finish and join the editors.  

I continue to facilitate and provide necessary accommodations for students who require them.  

Keep the Fire Burning: Finish and Wrap Up

15 minutes

The one thing I do try to do is give the students a goal for each day.  Today's goal was to finish editing and revising so that tomorrow they could be ready for final drafting.  So, as I collect papers and we double check the clip chart, the students know that they are one step away from finishing and starting on their favorite activity- the reading choice board.