Test Corrections

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SWBAT correct mistakes made on their unit exam.

Big Idea

Students earn back lost points.


2 minutes

It is important to explain the purpose of this activity to students, especially since many students will focus on earning back test points.  I will explain that although many of them are comfortable with the concepts in this unit, they made mistakes in their work.  The purpose of the test corrections, is for students to learn from their mistakes.  Students will need to analyze their work and discover their mistakes, which will help prevent them from making the same mistakes in the future.

Partner Work

40 minutes

For this lesson, I will pair students together based on their unit exam score. A higher level student will be partnered with a lower level student.

Students will receive their graded exam and a Test Corrections Worksheet.doc.  I will review the point value for each question, so students can determine which problems they received no or partial credit for.

It is important to explain to students that they are to respect each other throughout the peer work. This is especially important for high level students, who may have a tendency to brag about their success.

Each student will correct the problems that they didn't receive full credit for.  Since sometimes it is difficult for students to find their mistakes, they will work with a partner to help them identify and correct their mistakes.  Students must complete the corrections on the worksheet.  

I will emphasize that they need to show their work and explain, in complete sentences, what they did wrong.  Also, it is important that students don't "swap" correct answers.  I will explain that they are tutoring one another and a good tutor helps a student arrive at the correct answer,  and doesn't giveaway the correct answer.

As students work, I will circulate throughout the pairs to monitor their progress.

Lesson Summary

5 minutes

After students have worked on their test corrections, we will discuss their mistakes and what they learned from them.

Were you able to find your own mistakes or did your partner help you?

What type of mistakes did you make?

How will you remember not to make the same mistake again?