Introductory Concepts Quiz

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SWBAT demonstrate their mastery of "i" and operations with complex numbers.

Big Idea

Important check for student understanding of foundational skills before moving on in the unit.

Entry Activity

10 minutes

For this pre-quiz entry activity, I constructed three review problems for students to solve.  However, rather than simply asking students to do the problems, or just putting them on the board, I also ask them to reflect on what they are doing.  The Common Core clearly emphasizes deep reflections and personal ownership of learning. 

To create this task for my students, I provide them all with three sticky notes as they enter the classroom.  I also circulate the Entry Activity Template once they are seated.  The problems on the Complex Numbers Quiz Review PowerPoint have been created to correspond to the blanks on the Entry Activity Template.  Based on past experience, I have intentionally not written the problems on the Entry Activity Template because the students tend to avoid the sticky note reflection in favor of completing the next problem on the review. 

After displaying each problem on the PowerPoint, I rotate the room and offer support to struggling students.  Once they are done with the problem, I ask them to respond via their sticky note to one thing that either stood out to them, or they needed to be careful of when attacking the problem.  The students then bring these sticky notes to me at the board and I group them into piles based on the students responses.  After I have received all of the sticky notes, I generalize what trends I see from the student responses.  This is a quick and effective way to review, as well as embrace the language of the Common Core.  I have also called a student to the board before to make the generalizations - instead of making them myself.  

A QUIZ after only two lessons? Explained.

30 minutes