Building a Theme Analysis: Thesis Statements and Writer's Workshop (2 of 2)

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SWBAT plan for an analysis essay and write an arguable thesis statement by using the template.

Big Idea

Can we use specific language to really say what we mean? No beating around the bush here!

Warm Up

5 minutes

Today is Term Tuesday! During most Tuesdays, we devote our warm up time to vocabulary.  I certainly don't want to teach vocabulary separate from regular instruction, but I like to think of Tuesdays as specialized focus for five-ten minutes.  Today, we will take a quiz over ten root words we have been focused on for the last two weeks throughout class.   

Mini Lesson

5 minutes

Today we are going to continue working on our Theme Analysis Thesis Statements.  Common Core devotes an entire Standard to introducing a topic (claim) and using that topic introduction as the driving force of an essay (W 9-10.1a). I'm spending two days on the Thesis Statement writing because I want students to refer back to the thesis throughout the Theme Analysis and assure they are "proving" it.  During yesterday's lesson, we worked on creating the theme statement.  We have really been focusing on tracing a theme throughout multiple texts.  We used Theme Folders to trace four themes throughout Night.  


For today's mini lesson, I will put yesterday's Three Little Pigs theme statement on the Smart Board and we will write the entire thesis statement together.  We will follow the thesis statement template.  I want students to really focus on beginning with a very brief summary, followed by a power verb and then the theme statement.  


Here is a Screencast with a complete Three Little Pigs Thesis Statement.  

Student Work Time

25 minutes

During yesterday's lesson, we ended by grouping students into their theme groups.  We will begin today's student work time in those same groups.  Students will read their theme statements aloud to their group and will offer help to students who are still struggling.  The Standards reveal the importance of students revising to strengthen their work and the Thesis Statement is the first step (CCSS W 9-10.5).  Throughout this mini writing unit, students will be revising often.  I really want to make sure it is important today.   I will quickly explain that once students have a strong theme statement, they are to work on the other parts of the thesis statement template.  They must have an approved thesis statement by the end of the class today.  


5 minutes

Tomorrow, we will begin writing introductions so for closure today, I am going to ask students to brainstorm a list of traits of great introductions.  I will begin the list with free of spelling/grammatical errors and let them complete the brainstorm.  We will begin tomorrow's lesson with this list.