Ask and Answer Questions Assessment

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SWBAT demonstrate understanding of a text by asking and answering questions, referring explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers.

Big Idea

As a part of this assessment, students ask relevant questions and answer questions about a text.


60 minutes

For this assessment on asking and answering questions, my third grade team decided to include open ended questions to assess whether or not students could ask relevant questions about non-fiction text. We found passages in our district’s item test bank and wrote the questions ourselves. There were two passages and five questions. Three of the questions required students to answer specific questions about the text. They were multiple choice. The remaining two were open-ended and required students to ask questions about the text. For example, students read a passage about sharks’ cartilage. One question required students to answer a question that could be found in the text. The second test item asked students to write a question about the passage. To demonstrate understanding of the text and receive credit, students had to write a question about the passage.

The following responses received credit because they related to the passage:

What is cartilage? What does cartilage do? Why doesn’t cartilage turn to fossils? These are questions a proficient reader would ask to demonstrate understanding of the text.

The following questions did not receive credit because they were not related to the passage:

What do sharks eat? How many kind of fish are in the ocean? Student responses do not demonstrate understanding of the text because they are not related to the topic of shark cartilage.