Investigate Sources to Look for Answers

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SWBAT locate and investigate resources to answer questions on a topic.

Big Idea

How do students locate the best resources to investigate a topic ?

Investigate Resources

20 minutes

     The FINDS Research process, students need guidance implementing this process each step of the way due to its complexity.  FINDS is an acronym describing its five step research process:

  1. Focus
  2. Investigate
  3. Note
  4. Develop
  5. Score

It is based on the Stripling Model of Inquiry. For this lesson, we will discuss the second step:  Investigate Resources.  I use my Promethean Flipchart, loaded with FINDS model background information.

     This lesson is the second step in the FINDS research Process.  The first step was to narrow our research to a specific topic. I show my FINDS Flip Chart to give students an overview of this process.  Students will now investigate sources for their chosen topic. So, I show students the FINDS Investigate Flip Chart to provide background information. In order to assess student knowledge, I conduct a FINDS Reciprocal Teaching session so students can take turns explaining this process to others.  I listen attentively to check for comprehension.

     I discuss these Investigate Steps with students.  Students fill out a template describing Investigate Guidelines to plan out their strategies for investigation.  I model completing a template and we complete one together for guided practice.  Then, students complete one independently.

A Visit to the Library

20 minutes

     What better way to investigate resources than taking my students to the library, equipped with their research topic and Investigate PlanI pair students to work together collaboratively on their investigation.  Students' investigative plan include list of sources, where to locate those sources, and types of information contained in those sources.  I elicit the help of our Media Specialist to assist students in completing the Collaborative Planning Template

     The media specialist reviews student investigative plans and guides students to library search programs such as Destiny Quest, Grollier, etc. There is also a large selection of laptops available for students to work on locating the best sources for their research.   The investigation process covers various media Investigate Skills such as locating sources in the library, applying evaluative criteria to select relevant sources, and overall increasing the understanding how resources are organized in the library and online.

Share Information

20 minutes

Students gather together to discuss their findings from their investigation.  We also discuss ways to investigate more successfully and efficiently.  In the library, students discussed search engines such as Nettreker, Grollier, and Destiny Quest.  Our media specialist had suggested students use these so they can locate the books or videos they want that is in the library as well through these searches.  Students also discuss the key words that they found resulted in more information about their topic.  Sharing best practices is beneficial for all students. They review and discuss the effectiveness of their  Student Investigative Plan.