Noun Assessment

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SWBAT demonstrate their understanding of proper nouns, possessive nouns, plural nouns, and pronouns by writing a friendly letter.

Big Idea

This performance assessment focuses on students' understanding of different noun forms and types.


60 minutes

Students wrote a letter to a friend or family member that included 4 proper nouns, 2 possessive nouns, 2 plural nouns, and 4 pronouns. They also had to list each noun they used and the type of noun it was. This authentic assessment required students to demonstrate their understanding of different noun forms and types. It was written in letter format. We had written letters in the past, so they were familiar with the structure.

Students were given the instructions and rubric before they began. This way, they knew the criteria beforehand and could apply it to the assignment. It listed the levels of quality to urge students to do their best work.