Cause/Effect and Problem/Solution Formative

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SWBAT identify the cause/effect and problem/solution text structures by completing a formative assessment

Big Idea

Like twins, we've learned to tell two similar structures apart. Now let's see if you can distinguish between the cause/effect and problem solution structures on your own.


5 minutes

Today will be used to gather some formative data on how the students are doing with the structures. The formatives are short, so I generally do two at a time. I copy them front to back, so it's one sheet of paper. You could do one every other day or whatever suits your kids best.

I like to use a small element of comparing the structures for this since this is the actual 5th grade standard. I find that by creating formatives that ask the students to identify the paragraph that fits a particular structure and do it by analyzing two different paragraphs, they are more prepared for when we start comparing the uses and effectiveness of the structures. 

The kiddos will work on the problem and solution formative and cause and effect formative. I ask the students to take out their highlighters or colored pencils to show how they knew the answers. Students can probably finish this in about 20 minutes, but gauge your time according to your kiddos. 

Independent Work

20 minutes

Students will complete the formative during this time. I will usually monitor my students with focus issues, check to see the kids are justifying their answers, and just be a presence while they are working. When my students justify, I expect them to highlight the clues for the structure to show me how they found the answer. This also helps the students stay on task. Here is a student's view of formative justifications.

When I grade these, I score each question based on 4 points. This can get tricky since there isn't much being asked of the student. My rubric looks like this:

4- Correct paragraph chosen, supports choice with reasons and evidence from the text

3- Correct paragraph chosen

2- Incorrect paragraph chosen, valid thoughts for the paragraph they chose with reasons and evidence from the text

1- Incorrect paragraph chosen, tried to support choice

0-Did not attempt to answer or answered incorrectly with no evidence

My district is in a revision state for grades and percentages, so I've been giving 4-100 points, 3- 85 points, 2- 70 points, 1-50 points and 0 for 0. 

I've included samples of a struggling reader and meets standards for the cause and effect formative. 

Fast Finishers

20 minutes

Students who complete the formative, will begin working to finalize their interactive notebook. I like to let them either complete workstations they may have missed or do some extra processing for concepts coming up. I challenge the kids to do things like come up with song lyrics, make illustrated dictionary entries and various other processing (studying) ideas. Since we're nearing the end, students will want to start working on a Nonfiction Title Page page to synthesize all ideas from this unit and create an illustrated representation of this knowledge. At the end of the unit, students will turn this notebook in as a portfolio grade. I have already graded sections of the notebook, but the overall grade counts as a summative, so I like to give them lots of time to complete and go above and beyond.