Division Unit Assessment

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SWBAT use division skills to divide and show proficiency in CCSS 4.NBT.6

Big Idea

Students will show what they know through a division assessment.

Concept Development

60 minutes

Students spend the hour taking a division assessment today.  There are 5 problems in which students must apply their division skills in order to solve the problems. The last page is strictly division problems in which students must calculate the correct quotient.  I chose to have two very different and distinct parts to this assessment because I wanted to know if my students could in fact divide multi-digit dividends by one digit divisors (4.NBT.6) but I also wanted to know if they could then apply this skill to a situation and make sense of a problem. (4.OA.3)

At this point, I am expecting students to have a strategy to divide that works for them.  I do not want them to use a distribution method or place value chart only because they have learned much more sophisticated methods.  If a student only knew how to do a distribution method at this point, I would not stop him/her from doing so, but I would also note that this student still needs attention and re-teaching during my small group time. I would expect to see my students using expanded notation or area models to solve most of these problems. 

I also want my students to have a solid understanding about when they would use division in problem situations.  Furthermore, I want them to be able to interpret remainders within a context when solving problems.  

Click the pdf to see the assessment. DIVISION ASSESSMENT.pdf

So, how did students do? 

Click here to hear my thoughts and see a student's work for the first problem.  This sample has some errors and misunderstandings. 

Click here to hear my thoughts about another student's work for the same problem. This sample has no errors.  

Click here to see and hear about a student sample from the second page of the assessment. This sample shows an error that many of my students displayed on this assessment.

To view other students' work check out the resource section.