Santa's Dice Roll

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Students will count, recognize, and form the numerals 1-10.

Big Idea

Kindergarteners love using manipulatives and anything related to Santa. In this lesson, they are engaged in a holiday station activity.


10 minutes

This is an activity that I use as one of my math stations, so there is not a formal introduction to this lesson. The stations are very briefly discussed at the beginning of the week. This takes approximately 10 minutes. I am fortunate to have a para-pro and parent helper each day of the week during my station time, so  they are able to assist students, keep them on task, and work with them at stations. With 3 adults in the room, instructions are able to be brief, as anyone who is having difficulty will be noticed. My station activities always target skills that we have previously learned.

During station time, my students are broke into 2 groups (12 students in each group- totaling 24). On Mondays & Wednesdays, group 1 is working on stations, while group 2 is using technology. Technology includes i Pads, lap tops, and the smart board. On Tuesdays & Thursdays, group 2 is working on stations, while group 1 is using technology. Fridays are free choice. All students use technology and re-visit any of their favorite stations from the week. I have included a picture of my schedule that is displayed in my classroom.


Santa's Dice Roll

15 minutes

This activity reviews forming the numbers 1-10 correctly. It also reinforces counting skills. I like this lesson because it is hands on, and encompasses several math skills. Students are engaged using manipulatives, counting and attending to precision, recognizing and forming numerals. Students take approximately 12-15 minutes at this station. This resource was found for free on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Students are given two large foam dice. Regular die can be used, but in Kindergarten I prefer the larger ones, as they are easier to handle and harder to lose.

Students begin by tracing the numerals 1-10.

After each numeral is traced, students roll a number, count it, and then must print that number on the paper. For example if a student rolls the numeral 2, they must find 2 on the graph and write it.  The object is to fill up all six boxes for each number. So, a student needs to roll the numeral 2 six times in order to fill that column.

It is possible that a student rolls the numeral 11 or 12, or a numeral that they have already filled up the six boxes for. In this case, I instruct the children to just roll again.

Once all boxes are complete, students turn the paper into the station tray and move on.

I have included some pictures of my class at this station and a video of a student in action.